Interested in #CMALT? Some research reports #ascilitemlsig

Here’s some recent research from surveys on TEL conducted across the UK and their support for CMALT and HEA accreditation alongside other strategies for supporting TEL in HE.

Walker, R., Voce, J., Swift, E., Ahmed, J., Jenkins, M., & Vincent, P. (2016). 2016 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education in the UK. Retrieved from Oxford OX2 6NN:

Flavin, M. (2016). Technology-enhanced learning and higher education. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 32(4), 632-645.

Walker, R., Voce, J., & Jenkins, M. (2016). Charting the development of technology-enhanced learning developments across the UK higher education sector: A longitudinal perspective (2001–2012). Interactive Learning Environments, 24(3), 438-455.

University of Leeds. (2016). Blended Learning Essentials: Accreditation pathways.   Retrieved from

Association for Learning Technology (ALT). (2015, March 2015). ALT Certified Membership (CMALT), UKPSF and recognition of Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and accreditation of an institution’s staff development provision.   Retrieved from

McDowell, J., Raistrick, A., & Merrington, J. (2013). Enhancing institutional practice through CMALT accreditation. Paper presented at the ALT-C 2013 – Building new cultures of learning, University of Nottingham, UK.

AJET Special Issue on mobile AR & VR #ascilitemlsig

We have received 10 submissions for the AJET special issue call for papers on mobile AR & VR and these are currently under review – we will accept quality late submissions but only for a short while. Will keep all posted re the progress of the special issue. Thanks to @Helssi & @mkearneypost for their help on this SI.