Announcing the inaugural #sotelnz Symposium: Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning



Inaugural Annual NZ Symposium

Manukau Campus of Auckland University of Technology

February 15th and 16th, 2018.

Presenting a showcase of student learning supported by technology


The main aim of this important event is to encourage passionate education practitioners from Higher Education, Schools and the education community to showcase the results of their work promoting Technology Enhanced Learning in student learning environments.

This is a timely event considering the recent announcement by the NZ Ministry of Education in relation to the digital curriculum.

This exciting showcase will provide a platform for both the beginner and expert practitioner to inform and enlighten colleagues and peers of the positive outcomes of technology enhanced learning

Showcasing and sharing knowledge, skills, innovations and results from evidence based practice, collaboration and co-operation will definitely be encouraged and supported.

There is a variety of presentation formats for the SoTEL2018 symposium. The submission and registration systems will be available from the Symposium Website

The event has been designed to keep costs low so as many people as possible can attend without breaking their professional development budget.

Cost for the two day event, which includes refreshments each day is NZ$250 + GST; there are reduced costs for students and one day attendances.

It’s bound to be a great event, with opportunities to mix and mingle with your colleagues and be the first to see, hear and participate in activities and some stimulating presentations! .

Put the dates in your diary and encourage all your friends and colleagues to attend.

February 15th and 16th, 2018.

Breaking News: At the Symposium we will also be launching the SoTEL Research Cluster.



Mobile Learning in Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region #ascilitemlsig

A new mobile learning book, published after almost 4 years in the making!

Mobile Learning in Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region

Includes s chapter from some of the #ascilitemlsig @ATZ119 @guini_san @Dmulrennan @vernonrive @awithell

A Framework for Designing Transformative Mobile Learning

Cochrane, T., Antonczak, L., Guinibert, M., Mulrennan, D., Rive, V., & Withell, A. (2017). A Framework for Designing Transformative Mobile Learning. In A. Murphy, H. Farley, L. Dyson, & H. Jones (Eds.), Mobile Learning in Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Harnessing Trends and Challenging Orthodoxies (Vol. 40, pp. 25-43). Sinapore: Springer International.