#ascilitemlsig Rebooting mlearning, surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

John Traxler (2016) asks:

What killed the mobile learning dream?

The goal of the Ascilite mobile learning SIG is go boldly beyond the Zombie Apocalypse of endless mobile learning projects that focus upon “mobile access to virtual learning environments that are being used as repositories”. For example exploring the potential of user-generated mobile AR and VR, enabling learner-generated contexts and heutagogy (self-determined learning). See for example (Cook & Santos, 2016), (Cook, Pachler & Bachmair, 2013).


Cook, J., Pachler, N., & Bachmair, B. (2013). Using social network sites and mobile technology to scaffold equity of access to cultural resources. In M. Repetto & G. Trentin (Eds.), Using network and mobile technology to bridge formal and informal learning (10 ed., pp. 31-56). Oxford: Chandos Publishing.

Cook, J., & Santos, P. (2016). Three Phases of Mobile Learning State of the Art and Case of Mobile Help Seeking Tool for the Health Care Sector. In D. Churchill, J. Lu, T. K. F. Chiu & B. Fox (Eds.), Mobile Learning Design (pp. 315-333): Springer Singapore.

Traxler, J. (2016). What killed the mobile learning dream? Jisc Inform, from https://www.jisc.ac.uk/inform-feature/what-killed-the-mobile-learning-dream-26-feb-2016?

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#mosomelt 2016 relaunch

#ascilitemlsig members and others interested in mobile learning and CMALT accreditation are invited to signup for the #mosomelt cMOOC – starts 14th March 2016

Mobile Social Media Learning Technologies

#mosomelt will return for 2016 starting on 14th March – get ready! Use the signup form to participate and join the G+ Community linked from the main menu above. Looking forward to our journey together in 2016:

Thom Cochrane

Vickel Narayan

Victorio Burcio-Martin

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ORCID & Gravatar #ascilitemlsig Profiles

Welcome to the #asciliteMLSIG

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Establishing the #asciliteMLSIG

The aim of the Ascilite Mobile Learning Special Interest Group #ascilitemlsig is “to explore the intersection of mobile learning, new pedagogies, SOTEL, DBR, and authentic learning”.

Mobile device ownership is ubiquitous, leading to many HE institutions exploring a BYOD approach to mobile learning. However, most Mlearning projects are device centric and focus upon repurposing content for delivery to small screens and substitution of pre-existing pedagogical strategies. The potential of mobile learning is to enable new collaborative connected pedagogies and professional portfolios. The Ascilite mobile learning SIG will explicitly explore the boundaries of current knowledge and approaches to mobile learning, and develop a global collaborative network of mobile learning researchers interested in exploring and implementing the frontiers of mobile learning. The SIG will specifically explore the unique affordances of mobile devices for student-generated content and experiences via such technologies as collaborative media production and sharing, VR, AR, geolocative and contextual sensors, drones and wearable technologies.
Proposed Outcomes
Formation of Australasian COP of MLearning researchers/practitioners
Support for CMALT
Special Issue of AJET (2017)
Proposed activities and budget
Mosomelt cMOOC – Annual
CMALT – on-going
Webinars – Quartlery
Symposium & proposed first Meetup at MLearn2016 (Sydney)
Symposium at Ascilite2016 – Annual
Presentation at MINA2016
Communication & dissemination activities
Twitter hashtag: #asciliteMLSIG
WordPress.com team blog
Webinar series via Google Hangouts archived to YouTube
Conference Symposia
Special issue of AJET
Anyone interested in our aims is welcome to join us – request membership of this Blog and the G+ Community to participate!