#ascilitemlsig contributions to #ascilite17

ASCILITE 2017 Conference final program available:

Check out several contributions to the program from members of the #ascilitemlsig

CMALT cMOOC: Developing a scalable lecturer professional development framework http://2017conference.ascilite.org/program/cmalt-cmooc-developing-a-scalable-lecturer-professional-development-framework/

Visualising mixed reality simulation for multiple users http://2017conference.ascilite.org/program/visualising-mixed-reality-simulation-for-multiple-users/

Using virtual and augmented reality to study architectural lighting http://2017conference.ascilite.org/program/using-virtual-and-augmented-reality-to-study-architectural-lighting/

Get to know the ASCILITE SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

Critical perspectives on mobile AR and VR from the ASCILITE Mobile Learning SIG http://2017conference.ascilite.org/program/critical-perspectives-on-mobile-ar-and-vr-from-the-ascilite-mobile-learning-sig/

Developing virtual collaborative health team educational environments http://2017conference.ascilite.org/program/developing-virtual-collaborative-health-team-educational-environments/

Digital equity: Diversity, inclusion and access for incarcerated students in a digital age http://2017conference.ascilite.org/program/digital-equity-diversity-inclusion-and-access-for-incarcerated-students-in-a-digital-age/

And 2 Post Conference Workshops on Thursday 7 December:

Workshop 1: It’s Pedagogy GO with location-based mobile learning games

Workshop 3: Mobile virtual reality

See the full program at:

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